Friday, March 11, 2011

Week of 3/6 Totals

This was a good week. Most importantly, I stuck with my meal plan. I didn't do too much shopping- and really didn't need to. I will be able to do more next week. Both trips were to Lowe's Foods. The % savings are a little off, because some items (meat marked down, pork raincheck, bananas, eggs) rang up at sale price. Typically it rings up regular price, then the computer discounts and shows the total amount discounted at the bottom of the reciept.

3/6 Lowe's Foods- deals through 3/8
  • Raisin Bran Cereal 1.95 - .70 coupon (doubled)
  • Arnold Healthfull Bread 1.99 - .55 coupon (doubled)
  • Breakstone Sour Cream 1.50 - .55 coupon (doubled)
  • Eggs 1.99
  • Italian Sausage marked down to 3.62
  • Chicken Drumsticks marked down to 1.92
  • 5 lb Yellow Onions 2.47 - I used the food processor to chop all of these, and froze them. Very excited that I will not be chopping onions for a long time!!
  • Bananas marked down to .99 - also froze most of these for smoothies!
Total before coupons: $22.97 Total Spent: $9.86 Total Saved: $13.11 or 43%

3/9 Lowes Foods - deals through 3/15  This trip was mainly to pick up the strawberries (which I froze) and the whole pork picnic that I had a raincheck for. That slab of meat (about 9 lbs) was originally in ONE PACKAGE. The butcher was nice enough to cut it into two. It will be great for BBQ next week!
  • Pork .99/lb = 5.09 & 4.08
  • Strawberries B1G1 $3.99 (1.99)
  • Broccoli 1.79/lb
  • 1/2 dozen eggs marked down to .60 - they expired in 2 days, but I used them Thursday instead of the ones I bought earlier in the week (that expire 3/29)
Total before coupons: $16.81 Total Spent: $13.69 Total Saved: $3.12 or 19%

I also did a quick trip to Harris Teeter for milk- $2.77 (it was cheaper in different regions...)

Total spent for the week: $26.55 ($23.45 under budget)

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