Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Meals 6/6

I've found it's much easier to stay on budget when I have a PLAN for the week of what's for dinner. It makes things much less stressful when I come home- and if I have a plan I'm much less likely to take the easy way out and drive through for fast food on the way home.

We have another busy week ahead of us! We're traveling to Hartford, Connecticut on Friday for my brother in law's wedding.

Monday: Pasta w/ Italian Sausage, Tomatoes & Onions
  • Sausage on sale from 2 weeks ago @ HT- $1.99
  • Pasta sauce .70/ea 2 weeks ago @ CVS
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken Sandwiches w/ Salad
  • Chicken bought last week at Lowe's 1.99/lb
  • Hamburger Buns .89 from HT Triples
Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Homemade Pizza
  • HT Shredded Cheese B1G1 through 6/7
  • Pepperoni from HT Triples
  • need to find a recipe for the crust...... Recommendations??
Friday: Rehearsal Dinner for Tim & Erin!

Saturday: Wedding

Sunday: Probably something quick at the airport....

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