Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Meals 5/9

I've found it's much easier to stay on budget when I have a PLAN for the week of what's for dinner. It makes things much less stressful when I come home- and if I have a plan I'm much less likely to take the easy way out and drive through for fast food on the way home.

Monday: Turkey Sandwiches, Soup & Smoothies
  • Turkey 1.99 from Super Doubles
  • Soup free from months ago
  • Bananas, Strawberries, Yogurt from sales last week
Tuesday: Leftover Fiesta Chicken from last week w/ Rice
  • Rice .25 from a few months ago
Wednesday: Shrimp & Broccoli Pasta (didn't end up making this last week)
  • Frozen shrimp from sale 2 weeks ago
  • Frozen Broccoli .33 from SD
  • Philly Cooking Creme free from SD
Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: I'll be in Charlotte visiting my grandparents!

Saturday: Shrimp & Veggies Salad
  • Frozen shrimp form sale 2 weeks ago
  • Whatever veggies are on sale this week
Sunday: Fish Tacos
  • all items cost ~$4 total.. from Super Doubles Meal Deal last week!

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