Friday, May 6, 2011

Week of 5/1 Totals

I did a ton of shopping this week! I don't think I'll be doing much stocking up for the next month or so, because we're under contract for a house!! We are so excited that we found something we both really like. The headache of house hunting is over! Hopefully. We close end of June.

5/1 CVS- I recently found out that you don't have to buy all products in one transaction for CVS deals. With the $3 ECB wyb $10 of various household items, I bought the Cascade one day (they were out of Mr. Clean items) then I checked the next day at another store and bought the Mr. Clean items. The ECB then printed!

  • $2.77 ECB wyb Colgate MaxClean 6 oz. @ $2.77
    • $1 off coupon from All You Magazine
  • $1 ECB wyb Charmin Basic 12 ct @ $4.99
    • $1 off coupon from P&G Home Mailer
  • $3 ECB wyb $10 in various household items
    • Cascade $4
      • $1 coupon from P&G Home Mailer
      • Also used -$8.99 ECB from past week
Lost this receipt so I don't have all the numbers. The $8.99 ECB from previous week covered everything except tax. Paid around $1.50 for tax & got back $2.77 & $1 ECB.

5/1 Walgreen's
  • $5 RR wyb Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor 9.89
    • $4 coupon from 5/1 PG
Total before coupons: $11.76 Total Spent: $6.66 Total Saved: $5.10 or 43% & got back $5 RR

5/2 CVS (this is the remainder of the items I would have liked to have purchased on 5/1 trip)
  • (2) Mr. Clean Magic Erasers 3.00
    • $1.50/2 coupon
    • -$2.77 ECB from 5/1
    • -$1 ECB from 5/1
Total before coupons: $7.45 Total Spent: $1.20 Total Saved: $6.25 or 84% & got back $3 ECB

5/2 Harris Teeter- This is the problem when I do too many shopping trips- I don't have time to price everything out on here! So, enjoy the pictures & the totals :)

I was pretty excited about this trip. I picked up the items for the Meal Deal (Sour Cream and all Ortega products were free) and some other good deals for the last day of Super Doubles.
Total before coupons: $57.19 Total Spent: $9.42 Total Saved: $47.77 or 84%

5/4 Lowe's Foods- LOVE finding bananas marked down! Each of these were around .70! I ran out of frozen bananas for smoothies a few weeks ago. I'll probably freeze over half of these to use for smoothies (or maybe banana bread?)
Total before coupons: $14.32 Total Spent: $8.43 Total Saved: $5.89 or 41%

Andy also did a trip to HT for some things he needed (we ran out of shaving cream!) and he spent about $10.

Total spent for the week: $37.21 Total Saved: $85.01 or 70%


  1. Great job & congrats on your new house. How exciting! :-)

  2. Yay! I figured out a way to post your picture! Thanks for linking up first! =)